Cookie Policy

Last updated: April 19, 2024

Who should read this cookie policy?

If you visit and browse through our website, we may collect personal data about you. Therefore, you must read this Cookie Policy to understand how we may use cookies to collect and process your data.

This Cookies Policy is integral to our Privacy Policy and should be construed accordingly.

What are the different categories of Cookies?

Strictly necessary cookies: These cookies are essential to the functionality of our website and services. For instance, these cookies enable us to display content to you and allow you to visit different pages on our website.

Analytics cookies: These cookies provide us with a better understanding of how our Website visitors browse through the Website so that we can enhance our website, content, and services.

Tracking cookies: These cookies collect data about the pages you have viewed, previous websites you visited, and your online browsing behavior across different websites. This makes it possible for us to display more relevant and personalized advertisements to you on our website and app.

What data do we collect via cookies?

  • Your IP Address
  • Your Device ID and your Device attributes such as device model and screen resolution
  • Unique cookie identifier associated with you
  • Your browsing behavior
  • Social media content you share
  • Your Internet service provider
  • Data about your online activities across third-party websites, apps, and platforms
  • Timestamp of your visits to our website and app and specific actions you take such as content you interact with.

Purposes for the use of cookies and legal bases we rely on

Purposes for which we use cookies

  • To maintain the proper and continuous functioning of and your access to our Website and Services
  • To enable you to share media content
  • To measure user traffic
  • To improve our website, content, services
  • To serve personalized ads
  • Ad retargeting

Legal basis we rely on under the EU and the UK GDPR

  • Legitimate Interests, article 6.1.f of the GDPRTo analyze your behavior across our website
  • Consent by article 6.1.a of the GDPR

How to opt-out

By clicking on the cookie banner on our website, you can configure your cookies preferences.

How long do we store cookies?

We store cookies for as long as necessary, no longer than 6 months.

Notice about Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to analyze the user traffic to our website and to understand better how our visitors browse through our website.

With your consent, we actively use Google Analytics on our website and app to measure visitor traffic and to better understand how our visitors use our website and app.

Google Analytics enables us to collect data such as your geolocation, the timestamp of your visits, how you interact with our website, and information about your device and operating system.

For more detailed information, please refer to Google’s Privacy Policy: